I have to write about these coincidences before I forget. Far too many of them these days…

  1. The ‘economy’ car that we rented on our Vegas trip a few days back, set me thinking. The rental rate was $15 per day. The car had no floor mats, no cruise control, no power locks etc. Regular ‘non-economy’ cars, that had all the aforementioned features, were priced at over $30 per day. Seriously, do these features warrant such a huge difference (in this case 100% over the basic product bundle)? ‘Price customization’ was what sprang to my mind. Obviously, these extra attributes don’t make a huge difference to Alamo (cost). More likely that they would have removed some of these to be able to price differentiate to two segments of customers, was my guess. Yesterday, while going through the chapter on price customization in Dolan’s ‘Power Pricing’, I was reminded of this. Lo and behold, just as I stopped thinking about the vegas car rental, the book quoted a similar example – How Ford introduced two different models of the Taurus, with a substantial price difference (Difference that was definitely higher than what the feature differences – i.e. No power locks, floor mats or cruise control – warranted).
  2. Now for a non-business example. These days, with not much to do, a substantial portion of my waking hours is spent watching sit-com episodes, movies etc. Big John Cleese + Monty Python fan that I am, I wanted to watch a Terry Gilliam movie, but could not decide what to pick. Leonard and Sheldon (From ‘Big Bang Theory’) helped me narrow it down to ‘Time Bandits’. While channel surfing that afternoon, I found ‘The Titanic’ playing on some channel. Watched it for a few minutes and thought about a few high school friends that I’d met in the movie theatre years ago, during a screening of The Titanic. In the evening, I reconnected (On facebook) with one of those high school classmates, after over a decade. I also read about the ‘S.S.Titanic’ somewhere (Don’t remember whether it was a blog post, internet article, or a book). Lastly, in the movie Time Bandits, the title characters end up on the S.S. Titanic from one of them time holes during their time travels, and are promptly thrown overboard. So, in the course of twelve hours, I was independently reminded of the Titanic, 4 times (TV channel, article reference, high school friend and Time Bandits)!

I remember trying to maintain a dream diary years ago, per Freud’s recommendation in ‘The Interpretation of Dreams’ (The first step in interpreting dreams is to remember them, and a dream diary aids dream recall). Thought I should start maintaining a diary to record these coincidences/déjà vu’s (Somehow, I can’t help feeling that these are also handiworks of the subconscious – Almost like ‘dreams in the conscious state’) before I start forgetting them. Guess, I need to start thinking of better topics to write about 😦


~ by jyothiprakash on May 18, 2010.

2 Responses to “Coincidences”

  1. Nice post JP. Just one suggestion – STOP reading those Pricing and Strategy books for a month 🙂 Also, instead of keeping a diary, try mailing to one dedicated account all your memories / observations / outbursts that you’d want to pen down. I mail myself such incidents in a hope of writing down some day, but given the lazy character I am, I still have a backlog of almost 250 posts for my blog (which only has 4 posts)

  2. Thanks Abhishek. Suggestions noted, and will try to act on them. Although I have to admit that I have been kind of following the first one for the past two years anyway 😉

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